Why Choose Capefirst?

Why Choose Capefirst?

arrow Rapid turnaround: Capefirst can normally provide funding for your company or project much more quickly than it would take to develop a financial relationship with a bank and navigate its underwriting process. (In fact, many of our clients come to us as referrals from banks and other financial institutions.)

arrow Value and flexibility: Our solutions can be more cost-effective and business-appropriate than other sources of funding, such as adding partners or shareholders, or borrowing against personal credit lines. There are downsides to using credit cards, home equity lines, and other personal credit sources to fund business operations, including lack of flexibility, damage to credit scores, substantial fees, limited funds availability, and retraction of credit lines when they are most needed. Smart entrepreneurs make use of commercial financing facilities whenever possible, which Capefirst provides.

arrow Guaranties: In many instances, Capefirst will not impose blanket personal guaranties whereas banks (including those making SBA-guarantied loans) will almost always require them. Capefirst looks first at the value of your company's assets, especially its accounts receivable and its contract or purchase order pipeline.

arrow Retained ownership: Our financing solutions can be an important part of a capital strategy that preserves ownership and minimizes long-term capital costs. Equity funding is generally the most expensive financing option, so you may want to avoid giving away “upside” and shares of control needlessly. This is especially true if your needs are limited to routine working capital and project-specific financing, or to bridge a funding gap. For example, venture capital-backed companies rely on Capefirst for between-round and bridge funding in order to help them optimize valuations.

arrow Convenient and flexible: Our financing relationships are easy to implement and do not impose burdensome administrative requirements. We tailor programs to specific needs, payment cycles, and project characteristics. In most cases, the amount of financing can be expanded as needed. Moreover, we do not impose unused line and facility charges or other nuisance fees.

arrow A stepping stone: We welcome smaller companies entering a rapid growth period, and can help them transition to a traditional bank relationship when the time is right. We maintain a strong network of bank partners and work cooperatively with them. Our recommendations carry weight.

arrow Our criteria: Qualifying factors depend on the type of financing, but we weight most heavily management's track record and integrity, company performance capabilities, customer contract provisions and terms of sale, and current or potential operating margins. Generally, we place a higher weight on your company's future prospects than its past performance and current financial condition. Call us with a description of your needs.

Why Choose Capefirst
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